Teatro: Stupefatto

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On Saturday 25th May we had the pleasure to enjoy the monologue of an actor embodying the part of a drug-addicted person. It was the real story of Rico, a 14 years old boy (a grown up now). His poor knowledge of drugs led him to dark places where no one should end up in life. His “dark” adventure began by trying his first joint with a couple of friends and then he continued smoking almost every day. Soon the effect of one joint didn’t satisfy him anymore, so he started trying stronger drugs, like cocaine and trip. Eventually he got so addicted that he felt awful if he couldn’t get his daily dose. His family tried to help him as they could, but it wasn’t enough to cut on with drugs, until he went rehab.
He began a path that lasted 4 years, until his 20s. He met the love of his life there and now he has a family.
At the end of the performance the real Rico went on stage and the audience of about 600 teenagers applauded him. He made some jokes at first, and then started talking seriously about drugs.
Their use very often begins with cigarette smoking; as a matter of fact, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages contain addicting active substances. Nowadays they are among the leading causes of death. Cigarette smoking is the most frequent and preventable cause of heart, lungs and artery diseases, among which cancer is undoubtedly the most dangerous. Alcoholics are 10.6 million people and one family out of four is troubled by alcohol somehow. Drugs are as dangerous as tobacco and alcohol, but they’re less used just because they’re illegal in our country. The solution to this social problem is to be informed; in case of getting to the point of no return, be sure that your family or everybody else caring about you will be there to support you.

Xhoi Mulla & Melisa Mustafovska